Eveline Speelman

Press Release // October 23, 2023 // Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Terralytiq, a leading clean tech start-up specializing in carbon emissions reduction, is pleased to announce the appointment of Eveline Speelman as Senior Advisor to its esteemed advisory panel. Eveline’s extensive expertise and passion for sustainability will further enhance Terralytiq’s mission of empowering companies to identify, reduce, and report their carbon emissions.

With a distinguished career that includes her current role as Partner at Systemiq, Eveline brings a wealth of knowledge in sustainability strategy, decarbonization pathways, and industrial decarbonization. Her experience in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon energy system perfectly aligns with Terralytiq’s commitment to driving positive change in the fight against climate change.

Eveline also founded and led Sustainability Insights at McKinsey, where she spearheaded the development of models and tools in the realm of sustainability. Her expertise in guiding companies and investors to seize opportunities and overcome challenges related to the shift to a low-carbon energy system has made a significant impact in the field.

Terralytiq’s innovative SaaS product enables companies to comprehensively understand their carbon emissions across all scopes and categories, providing customized decarbonization solutions, business cases, and pathways, with an initial focus on the manufacturing industry. Eveline’s advisory role will further enrich the company’s ability to deliver effective emission reduction strategies and pathways, tailored to each client’s needs.

Eveline’s educational background is equally impressive, with a PhD in (Paleo-) Climate Reconstruction and degrees in Hydrology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences from University College Utrecht and Utrecht University. Her multidisciplinary expertise and rare perspective on global climate issues, acquired through her economic consultancy work and PhD research on reconstructing Arctic climate conditions, make her a valuable addition to the Terralytiq team.

“We are thrilled to welcome Eveline Speelman to our advisory panel as Senior Advisor,” said Alexander Pfeiffer, CEO at Terralytiq. “Her deep knowledge in sustainability, decarbonization, and energy transition will greatly enhance our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Eveline’s passion for driving positive change aligns perfectly with our mission of combating climate change through actionable carbon reduction strategies.”

Terralytiq remains committed to following the latest science and guidelines in emission accounting and reporting, ensuring compatibility with major standards and rules such as the GHG protocol, CDP, and SBTi. With Eveline’s expertise on board, Terralytiq is well-positioned to continue leading the way in providing companies with effective tools and initiatives for achieving their sustainability goals.

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Terralytiq is a decarbonization SaaS start-up that helps leading institutions move their decarbonization ambition to action. With innovative technology and a team of experienced strategists, Terralytiq is helping companies of all sizes around the world to reduce their carbon footprint and build a net-zero economy.

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