Why Terralytiq

We help business leaders to turn decarbonization ambitions into actionable initiatives and measurable impact

We bring a practitioner's perspective to decarbonization

Our industry-proven method guides your enterprise through five steps

Terralytiq's approach to decarbonization transformation

Not "just" another carbon accounting platform

We make your carbon baseline more relevant for you by integrating primary data of you and your supply chain in an easy-to-use way

Granular emission factor models

Your carbon footprint depends on many variables that are specific to you. We minimize the use of standard off-the-shelf emission factors and instead use supplier-specific emission factors where available, or model customized factors based on the specific situation of your company and supply chain

Upstream value chain integration

Purchased goods and services are a large share of your overall footprint. We maintain a large database of supplier-specific emission factors and make it easy to get in touch with your suppliers to collect more primary data, and include it in the baselining

Intuitive and easy-to-use software

We know that your carbon footprint is a complex topic and that your resources are limited. We prioritize an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface and experience to limit the time and money your organization invests to get to actionable insights

Our philosophy

Be as pragmatic as possible and as detailed as necessary

Our primary objective is to help you achieve measurable progress. We believe that the best way to accomplish this is by leveraging detailed, specific data that aligns with the latest scientific insights and regulations regarding climate change

However, we also understand that the rapid pace of change in this field can overwhelm organizations with increasing amounts of details and data

Therefore, we are committed to using recent advancements in data integration, processing, and Artificial Intelligence to simplify the process for you. Additionally, we will focus on gathering only information and data that is most impactful

Not A Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) software

We focus on providing only the actionable insights that you need to keep things simple and relevant

Easy to use

While LCA approaches have their advantages, they can be challenging to use and often require extensive data and expertise – both of which can be resource-intensive for your organization

We recognize that becoming a full LCA solution is not our goal. Instead, we want to simplify the process for you by working with readily available data and making it easy to gather additional information only where it’s absolutely necessary

Day 1 answer

Performing a complete LCA can be a time-consuming process – a luxury that many organizations don’t have, especially when their stakeholders are eagerly awaiting the data

To address this challenge, we utilize data that is already available to provide a “Day 1” answer. While this initial estimate is only a rough approximation, it can still provide valuable insights to guide discussions on priorities and focus areas with stakeholders, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently

Relevant insights

LCAs provide an accurate picture of the footprint of a product and the main sources of emissions but may not offer guidance on how to address these issues

We not only identify relevant sources of emissions in your value chain, but also provide recommendations on how to improve your carbon baseline

Think of it as having a coach who not only tells you how “unfit” you are, but also creates a personalized diet and fitness program to help you achieve your fitness goals

Our customer commitment

We want you to be able to trust our platform and rely on it to make informed decisions to reduce your carbon footprint

You have many options for carbon baselining and decarbonization solutions. We aim to be the best platform in the market by making 3 quality promises to you:

We supply you with accurate and reliable data. Our platform is able to collect and analyze data from various sources to accurately calculate your carbon emissions, identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable insights. We want you to be able to trust our platform and rely on it to make informed decisions to reduce your carbon footprint

Transparency is key when it comes to carbon baselining and decarbonization. We are transparent in our methodology, data sources, and calculations. You have access to a clear and concise breakdowns of your emissions, as well as an explanation of how the calculations were made. This transparency will help you to build trust and credibility with your stakeholders

Every business is different, and our platform accommodates that. You are able to customize your emissions targets, goals, and strategies to fit your specific needs. Our platform provides actionable insights that are tailored to you, taking into account your industry, location, and other relevant factors. Customization will help ensure you are able to achieve your sustainability goals in a way that works best for you

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