Ralf Pfitzner

Press Release // February 2, 2024 // Munich, Germany

Terralytiq, a pioneering clean technology start-up at the forefront of carbon emissions reduction, proudly announces the appointment of Ralf Pfitzner as a Senior Advisor. Ralf’s extensive background in sustainability and strategic leadership, notably as the former Global Head of Sustainability at Volkswagen Group, will be instrumental in propelling Terralytiq’s mission to mitigate climate change through advanced solutions.

With a career spanning over two decades in sustainability, Ralf has demonstrated unwavering commitment to driving environmental strategies and green growth. During his tenure at Volkswagen Group, he spearheaded the company’s sustainability initiatives as part of their NEW AUTO strategy and significantly contributed to the industry’s shift toward sustainable mobility, leveraging electrification and digitalization. Prior to that, at Siemens, Ralf was pivotal in leading the company’s CO2 neutral program, aiming for a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas footprint by 2020 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

Ralf’s passion for transformative change is underpinned by his rich experience, which includes serving as VP of Corporate Sustainability and Resource & Energy Efficiency at Siemens, and his earlier role as a Senior Consultant for Sustainability at KPMG. His work in various sectors has not only enhanced corporate sustainability but has also fostered new avenues for low carbon innovations and circular economy practices.

“We are thrilled to have Ralf Pfitzner join us at Terralytiq,” commented Dr. Alexander Pfeiffer, CEO of Terralytiq. “His remarkable experience in leading sustainability efforts and his vision for a more sustainable future align seamlessly with our values. Ralf’s strategic foresight is a key asset that will guide our innovative approaches to decarbonization.”

Ralf is equally excited about his new role, stating, “Joining the Terralytiq team is a consequent  step in my journey to support crucial sustainability endeavors. I am eager to provide  my expertise to Terralytiq’s dynamic team, contributing to impactful solutions that address carbon emissions and set a course for a sustainable planet.”

Terralytiq is committed to enabling companies worldwide, especially in the manufacturing sector, to actively reduce their carbon footprint. With the addition of Ralf Pfitzner as a Senior Advisor, Terralytiq is set to amplify its influence in driving innovation and delivering real-world solutions to combat climate change.


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